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Caritas Felices Foundation

Caritas Felices Foundation is an organization that cares about feeding the neediest children in the Uval neighborhood, a marginalized area in the city of Bogotá. At the foundation, the children´s health is taken care of through a balanced diet provided from Monday to Friday during lunch time. Moreover, the foundation holds an event at the end of the year where they teach children the importance of being thankful and showing them that their dreams can come true.

Bosem and the foundation

At Bosem we are committed with sustainability, the environment and the development of our employees and their families. We firmly believe that children are the future of our country, likewise we seek to contribute to their growth and personal development so that they know everything they set themselves to can be accomplished.

Therefore, at Bosem we donate a share of our profits to the children at Caritas Felices.

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